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dormitaverunt-deactivated201409: Ey pal, I saw you take requests for icon hunts and the likes, I could really use some more of Hunter Parrish if you could spare some time--? If not, that's totally awesome too. Keep on rocking tbh.

I don’t do icon hunts anymore since this blog is on a temporary hiatus (with the exception of asks), but i can direct you to where i would have gotten the icons if i was going to make the icon hunt! just click the links below:

x x x x x x

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l0st-0nes-x: Partners in Crime (e.g two murderers) : this would be interesting xD

Yes, i like that idea! I’ll add it in — thank you for the suggestion.

02-21 - 21:15
justtryingtobeawesome: Can you please put a link to your AU's, PLEEEEASE *le puppy eyes
02-15 - 12:52

I’m so sorry but i’m going to have to drop those icon hunt requests. I don’t have the time to do them right now and i feel awful for making you wait for so long.

But(!) i can tell you where i collect those icons from which is this amazing website right here. Just search the name of the person you want icons of and most of the time there will be a few icon packs. I also find some icons on livejournal, search ‘*insert person’s name here*’ icons livejornal’ into google and some will pop up.

I’m so sorry, i wish i had more time to do them but i don’t. So i’m sorry to say that this blog will be on hiatus — the resources and so forth will still be here to use as well as the blog but i won’t be posting anything new until further notice. Sorry again! x

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Anonymous: How do we noticed by you to be recommended?

Well i usually recommend people who i see on the dash on my roleplay blogs — i have a number of different blogs and i follow people in different fandoms on them so i’m not particularly biased. The only thing i can recommend is roleplaying with a variety of people, one of them might be someone i’m following so i’ll see you on my dash and might recommend you.

11-20 - 10:39

100+ Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett icons

  • from The Vampire Diaries
  • none are mine and have been found on other sights so credit goes to the creators.
  • likes and reblogs are not necessary but would be appreciated.

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Anonymous: Could you do an icon hunt of Chris Pine? Please and thank you.

Sure, it’ll be done asap~

11-08 - 18:17

100+ Bonnie Wright icons

  • from Harry Potter, various photoshoots and others.
  • none are mine and have been found on other sights so credit goes to the creators.
  • likes and reblogs are not necessary but would be appreciated.
  • requested by: anonymous.

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i’m sorry for the sudden lack of activity on here and how long the requests are taking me, i’ve had a lot going on in my personal life recently with school and things like that, not to mention i also run three roleplay blogs, a graphics blog and a personal, so it’s affected the amount of time i can spend doing things on here. But since it’s the weekend soon i should be able to get them done during that time — sorry for the wait.

11-08 - 11:22
Anonymous: Would you mind doing an icon hunt for Dianna Agron? :)

not at all, i’ll get it done asap for you nonnie.

11-08 - 11:20